The first impression of a web design is very crucial for any entity which expects to make it big in the field of online business. Websites are a prime channel of marketing for business and also end up as a showcase for major financial projects. Common elements of a home page include events and announcements, navigation search and press releases, and news. 

They also include a concise and clear description of the company. Great web design is a ready resource for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. It provides a subtle balance between the tools required to satisfy customer's requests with the information required by clients to go with the company. It could either be one or two sentences, with additional links wherever necessary.  

Benefits of Impressionist Web Design

Great web design eliminates the risk of alienating new customers and offers a brief summary of the site's purpose. This is either obvious from the entire layout or is preferably textual. They display services or products clearly and prominently, allowing existing and new customers to visualize the features. They also contain clear defined references to other pages with additional information in relevant areas. They are usually above the fold, which means clear and prominent visibility of information without scrolling requirements.

First impression design works well for those sites which get as little as fifty milliseconds to capture the interest of potential customers. They influence website credibility and customer buying decisions substantially. The speed at which most users form web page value judgments preclude several cognitive thoughts, and tested users highly react to such pages. This offers a physiological response to what is observed on the screen. They provide a clear interplay between the conscious thought process of the visitor and their reactions. For quality traffic to websites, don't look further than first impression web design.

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