Both are extremely helpful and WOW TBC Gold are able to help fill various niches. Personally, I'm in favor of the story of ESO. However, I have played more Elder Scrolls games that I have Final Fantasy, so I have a better understanding of the lore and references there.

ESO does have a much smoother housing design than the FFXIV. ESO lets you tilt and float objects with out having to exploit bugs. All instances are created in an instance (but big) which means you don't need to fight with people over plots.

It's certainly not classical rock however, don't panic. Maybe the definition of "classic rock" was originally "rock that's 20+ years old" However, that wasn't accurate for about 20 years ago. "Classic rock" has been defined as "rock from the 1960s and 1970s, and a bit from the 1980s". Classic rock has its own distinct sound. It is the sound of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Nirvana and Metallica do not have the same sound. However, they don't all of Metallica I'd say Load and Reload kind of have that sound.

My local classic rock station added music from the 1990s, like grunge and alternative music, and mainstream metal. When they did that , they changed their slogan to "classic rock" and started calling themselves "rock". The name doesn't work with the music they play anymore, when it's still classic rock. They even referred to themselves as "classic rock" and "90s rock" for a time.

Giving bards the ability to perform is one of my favorites additions to this game. I'm a fan of iike, which happened several months ago. It was the time i was up early on a Saturday morning to play the game ffxiv. I also made some breakfast and yes, I had the most enjoyable time eating breakfast as my character sat on a bench in Limsa , and listening to nice music while other players sat around talking about various things.

You should take the time to look around the cities. My wife and I met when strolling around Limsa. Now , we're together in real life. If you're not looking for RP or anything like that you'll find people that love playing music and dancing, or who ask whether you need help or cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold simply say "wanna meet my mount?" (Moi is an illustration.) Although 14 might be my very first MMO however, I'm here to keep playing.