We have all observed the rise of female entrepreneurs in India in recent years. Women have made strides in their social standing. In this article, we will analyse the top ten female entrepreneurs in India who have become role models for other women. These entrepreneurs defied social norms and had a significant influence on every industry. Let's learn more about these famous people one by one.

  1. Aditi Gupta: Menstrupedia was founded by Aditi Gupta. She is one of India's most successful female entrepreneurs. She works for a humanitarian purpose, which is why she and her husband, Tuhin Paul, co-founded Menstrupedia to raise awareness about menstruation. She has encountered several taboos related to menstruation. Previously, she had to deal with her difficult situation without receiving any relief.
  2. Suchi Mukherjee: Suchi Mukherjee, the Founder, and CEO of Limeroad. Limeroad is an online lifestyle and apparel store she founded. She founded it in 2012 and is now one of India's top female entrepreneurs. Her website has evolved into one of the most fashionable buying destinations for both men and women.
  3. Richa Kar: We've all heard of Zivame, an online lingerie retailer. Richa Kar is the founder of Zivame, and the success of her online business has helped her rank among the top 10 women entrepreneurs in India. She had this idea when perusing the Victoria Secret website and saw that they make a lot of money and that there is no brand accessible for Indian ladies. We are all aware that we are all bashful while conversing and purchasing lingerie offline. As a result, in order to overcome her shyness, she developed Zivame in 2011.
  4. Vandana Luthra: VLCC is a well-known brand recognised for its beauty and slimming services, among other things. VLCC was founded by Vandana Luthra. She is also a philanthropist and the chairperson of the beauty and wellness industry talent council. Vandana Luthra founded VLCC in 1989 as a beauty and slimming service centre.
  5. Radhika Ghai Aggarwal: Radhika Ghai Aggarwal is shopclues.com's co-founder and chief marketing officer. She has over 15 years of marketing expertise in a variety of sectors including advertising and public relations, fashion and lifestyle, and many more. She co-founded Shopclues.com in Silicon Valley in 2011.