It's not hard to guess the function of this add-on. MoveAnything is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to alter every UI element WOTLK Classic Gold, giving you complete control over not only the action bars , but also your quest list and portrait locations, minimap locations, and much more. If you've always wanted to completely redesign the WoW UI then this is the perfect starting point.


This is among the most well-known total conversion addons for World of Warcraft. ElvUI replaces every single user interface component with a modern design that is a lot more modern and readable. The downside, however it's eliminating the fantasy-themed UI completely. For a long time, you've had installation and updates for ElvUI manually, and while it's not too big of a burden but there's a plethora of newer addon managers popping up that let you upgrade it in conjunction with your other addons. If you do decide to keep updating manually it, what ElvUI brings to the table is more than worth it.

One of my favorite parts that I love about ElvUI is the fact that it includes an in-game setup procedure that can assist in customizing the UI to fit your requirements. There are specific setups for each class that emphasize the interface elements most important to your role and the settings provide plenty of options to explore. I am particularly impressed with how action bars function within ElvUI as well as how its built-in add-ons mean you don't need to worry about other addons , such as OmniCC. Be aware, if you are planning to install ElvUI Install it first before adding more addons to the fold since it doesn't always function well.

World Quests is a form of daily quests with a limited duration, which was made available in Legion. This is a wonderful system that suffers from World of Warcraft's outdated map interface, however World Quest Tracker fixes those problems. From a zoomed in view, World Quest Tracker shows you the rewards you can earn from World quests within each zone to help you quickly discover if there's a reward that match your goals. In the next screen, you'll be able to simply click on the reward icon to track multiple world quests in your quest windows so that you don't have to look at the map over and again. World Quest Tracker also has an stats screen that shows how many world quests you complete cheap WOTLK Classic Gold, cumulative rewards as well as other information.