A free OVR card for 97 which will instantly be a starter on your MUT 22 team is a pretty great deal Madden 23 Coins. This is particularly true because you can find Prime Gaming drops all the time.

With regards to drops and the NFL Draft Packs, let's go over an overview of the latest cards added to Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

NFL Draft Part 3 in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

The final part of the NFL Draft promo in Madden 22 is now available, and included 40 cards on Madden 22's platform.

The top 32 selections of the NFL Draft received multiple 96 OVR cards. The very first draft pick Travon Walker was awarded an OVR card of 99.

Madden 22, Ultimate Team: Heavyweights promo reveals five 97 OVR cards

Today, new Heavyweight cards were added to the Madden 22 Ultimate Team. This is great news since the Fan Appreciation promotion is going on.

Five new cards have made it onto the MUT 22 platform . And we've got the ratings for each. We'll also tell you which is our choice.

Let's look at the brand new Madden 22 Ultimate Team heavyweights.

New Madden 22 Ultimate Team Heavyweights

With five fantastic cards available currently available on the platform it is time to add the best Heavyweights to the Madden 22 Ultimate Team roster.

Given that Madden 22 has been slowing down in terms releases, it's nice to see that there are cards adding to MUT 22.

If you're running Gates, Thuney, and Van Roten on your offensive line, your adversaries on MUT may have a difficult time getting through to your quarterback.

Another ongoing feature in Madden 22 Ultimate Team includes the cards for Fan Appreciation Buy Mut Coins Madden 23. These cards feature two cards that can be transformed to 99 OVR.