In current scenario, major countries were accepting cryptocurrencies. Due to it's vast effect, many entrepreneurs and startups prefer to indulge in the crypto industry to gain profit. The crypto platform is a lucrative and compatible zone to reap benefits instantly. Crypto crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways for many entrepreneurs and startups to raise funds. The initial coin offering is one of the best crowdfunding methods where you can increase funds for your business related project by promoting the idea to world investors. That’s why the ICO will still hold a prominent value in the crypto industry. 

To launch an ICO, to follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • Hold a business
  • Do market research (analyzing the crypto market)
  • Choose the crypto-supportive countries
  • Create a crypto token
  • Draft whitepaper
  • Token creation

One of the most significant parts of ico is token creation. If you choose the prominent blockchain for token creation that can be used for ico token sale. A reliable blockchain system that will support the crypto ecosystem is Ethereum, Tron & BNB. Each blockchain supports different token standards. You can choose the Ethereum, Tron & BNB-based crypto token known as ERC20, TRC20 & BEP20 for fundraising activities.

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