There was nothing beneath my gravestone! I was horrified at the fact that my inferno adze, my jester-themed stuff, my flame gloves and ring of fire were all gone! I didn't get it!! Where have all my quest items, minigame things disappeared RS3 Accounts? They disappeared when I accidentally killed and logged out. My minigame items and quest objects disappear in a flash. So why did my damaged book and elf crystal not disappear? ?

So I am livid at the moment... I'd like someone to explain the situation and explain the reason. Jagex will contact me to explain why I can't return my items. They said they would refund them in the event that you died. This is my personal rant. I don't need sympathy. I am committed to this. I'm mad and want everyone to understand that you should not be buried with an Inferno Adze... Because I lost it and it wasn't in my tomb. Oh my God!

Since I have made the decision to quit playing Runescape I thought it would be beneficial to share my thoughts on Runescape players' views about Jagex. I've been playing Runescape for around 4-5 years at this point. I've seen everything that has happened to the game. I've witnessed how people have changed and how people are.

The thing that has always irked me is the constant use of Jagex as a scape goat. When someone dies, they are angry at Jagex for making the game too hard, when a game is too hard for a certain player, it's jagex's fault, they lost money merching...well you know what buy osrs infernal cape? It's sad to watch players willing to throw a stone at Jagex when things don't go their way.