Speak with Ivan Strom afterwards to OSRS Gold receive the plates utilized by the Juvinates that ambushed you. The platelegs are similar to mithril, with the exception that for every one hundred damage you do there is one-in-one hundred chance that legs will repair your leg between 1 to 10 HP. Ivan Strom explains that Guthixian Druids discovered how plants take nutrients from the soil through their roots. Saradomist smiths absorbed this information and applied it to those plates." It is possible to obtain an adamant or rune-based versions of these legs if you burn Vyreguards. If Vyre Lords were burned, they might offer rune versions, or if lucky, dragon versions.

I am also aware that you guys are likely to ask why Legacy of Seergaze doesn't mention the conspiracy you witnessed. To that, I respond that what you witnessed is really big, bigger than just the Myreque quests. It's more likely it will appear in the sequel to While Guthix Sleeps rather than Legacy of Seergaze.

This morning I was working on my laptop, pondering what could be wrong with smithing that wasn't as effective as it should. I looked up GE prices and found that the bars were way higher than the final product for most products. Demand and supply are the issue I believe. Too many end products exist and not enough bars are being produced. I'd like to share my thoughts.

End result items need to be broken into bars. A grinder should be placed in certain furnaces. You can use this grinder to crush any item (of particular kind of metal) by placing them in the grinder. After that, you'll receive X metaltype pellets. where x represents the number of of bars needed to runescape account for sale create each item and metaltype is what type of metal you used.