Sports games are consistently one of the most popular games available on video especially the Madden NFL Series is among the most recognizable from even that Madden 23 Coins. Each year's releases of the series have always managed to top the charts and ensure that it brings in lots of cash in the name of Electronic Arts, and despite having highs and lows, the series has been able to sell more than 130 million copies, and make more than $4 billion of profits. As the most renowned football-related video game on the market, it's not surprising that people are already looking toward Madden NFL 23.

While its release is a few months away, Madden NFL 23 Rumors about the game are already abundant. While some rumors are way too speculative to be true Some are accurate and might give players some idea of what they can expect with Madden NFL 23. Though EA has yet to confirm any specifics regarding Madden NFL 23 However, speculations concerning the game suggest it may be a special release.

It is the Madden NFL series is named after John Madden, the famed football announcer. John Madden is part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Before becoming commentator, he was as the coach in charge of the Oaklands Raiders from 1969 until 1978. Madden passed away in December 2021, and though the reason for the death of Madden has not been known, football fans across the globe mourn his passing.

Since Madden's demise, Madden NFL fans have been campaigning to get Madden to be included in Madden NFL 23's front cover. Although the cover is typically reserved for athletes of the highest caliber, Madden NFL 22's cover was a departure from the norm independently and many believe that a cover dedicated to Madden would be the best opportunity to honor the legend Buy Madden 23 Coins. Some fans have even gone ahead and made mock covers featuring Madden as well as some such as @antwon_creates shared them on social media sites.