Star Sapphire Gem is different to your normal sapphire because they are not faceted. Facets are the flat planes that you see in diamonds and sapphires, rubies and emeralds as well as many other stones. But Star Sapphire is cut into cabochons. A cabochon is a rounded or domed smooth cut. It comes from an old French word which means hat. These are also known as the lindy star sapphire. 


The star effect comes from inclusion. Inclusion is what might be termed a fault in a gemstone. They might be cracks, fissures, pieces of foreign bodies, or growths inside the stone of some kind. The best-known inclusion would be a fly trapped inside a piece of amber.


Some red sapphire and even rubies have a certain kind of inclusion which are like tiny needles known as rutile or silk. When the stone is cut into a cabochon we see a six-rayed, or sometimes a twelve-pointed white star. This can be used as the Birthstones and gives the beautiful lush of the beautiful ruby. 


It is a good way to tell if the stone has been heating treated because if the rays are unbroken then it means that no heat treatment has taken place. 99% of all sapphires are heat-treated to enhance their color. They are heated to a temperature of 3000 degrees C. You can use this Black Sapphire if you need to add the variation. 


The value of a star sapphire or star ruby depends on the intensity of the body color and the sharpness of the star. The legs should be straight and should be of equal thickness.


Star sapphires are rare but mainly because the stones are heat-treated after mining and then cut with facets so the stars are never seen again. Stars are also found in other stones.


In ancient times star sapphires were particularly highly regarded as the star supposedly would assist travelers by being a guiding star. A star sapphire ring is particularly interesting and is a good conversation piece as people are always willing to have a look at something different. 


The history of sapphire:


Sapphires are said to encourage emotional and physical balance. They can bring wisdom and sympathy to the owner. Sapphires represent truth and reliability. Spiritual confusion, concentration problems, and depression are some issues sapphires might guide one through. The ability for long-lasting and committed relationships is also said to be a mystical property of the serene royal blue gemstone.


This unique stone was made famous as a royal engagement ring. In February of 1981, Prince Charles proposed to Diana Spencer. The future princess was given the opportunity to pick out her own engagement ring. Out of several choices Diana chose an oval sapphire cut ring. That ring was estimated to cost $65,000.

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