Often we hear the builders and contractors talking about Structural Retrofitting techniques where the Seismic Retrofitting is usually done as a priority, where Seismic Retrofitting is required under concrete construction which are known to be highly vulnerable to protect from the damage and failures occurring by the seismic forces where in the past thirty years there has been the occurrence of various earthquakes on the run from across the globe which have caused a sincere amount of damage to the concrete structures where the initial goal of the procedure is thereby to improve the mere practice for the keen evaluation of the seismic vulnerability which is forced on the existing grounds where the concrete buildings are usually found shattered. Thus, by this fitting the base isolation and mass reduction is mainly worked upon where the intense collection of mitigation techniques are also thereby linked with the techniques of earthquake engineering as well. It was also very important to point out that the important historic monuments are also seismic prone where many monuments have been adjusted accordingly.


Seismic retrofitting is mainly the modification of the structures to make the building stand to be more prone to seismic activity from ground motion as well or from soil failures too making them prone to earthquakes as well. The techniques of retrofitting are also known to be highly applicable for many other natural hazards including from the tornadoes and tropical cyclones with the severity to winds and thunderstorms as well. It is mainly done for the safety and security of employees and buildings with the structure functionality of inventory and machinery, with the essentials to reduce the hazards and losses from the non-structural elements too and predominantly be concerned with the structural improvement to go ahead and then reduce with the seismic hazards imposed. Also, it is very important to record that the details should have a sincere strengthening capacity with reducing the services of rushing to the hospitals very often.


Thus, the basic or initial concept of retrofitting goes with the aim of a sincere upgradation of the lateral strength of the whole structure with the mere increase in the ductility of the whole structure and also the increase in the strength and both ductility of the whole structure. Some of the advantages of the base isolation for seismic retrofitting can be the isolating building from the ground motion which is more lesser to be seismic load, rather than being lesser to the damage with the structure which also gives the whole a minimal repair requirement with the building which can remain be serviceable throughout the whole construction cycle and will not also involve the in-depth intrusion upon the existence of the superstructure as well. However, the whole process is very expensive and it cannot be applied partially to the structures unlike the other retrofitting choices as well.

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