Ever since the dramatic rise of the smartphone market, m-commerce has started to bloom, and statistics show that m-commerce is heading towards a more successful revenue market than e-commerce revenue. All smartphone users want to make full use of mobile application features and are trying to make their life simpler and more manageable. Today there are many utility apps available that satisfy our day-to-day needs. From shopping to cab-hailing, there is an app for every task. In the shopping world, if you take, there are apps for fashion and lifestyle, products and goods, etc. In that list comes the online grocery shopping app like Instacart. In this app, one can order their groceries online and let a delivery person deliver the groceries at the doorstep, thereby eliminating the need to travel to the store and stroll around the aisle to search and pick up our products and wait in line to check out our bag.

Turnkeytown has ready-made app solutions for all your needs and provides you with Instacart like app development. Here, we develop an excellent instacart clone app that is best in performance and helps you achieve vivid growth in your business. Let me give a quick gist on the various benefits and features of the big basket clone app development.

Things to consider before creating an app

While building an Instacart clone app, one fact to consider before creating one is that there involves a set of 3 apps for the system to work. It will be efficient if an all-in-one app is created.

For user apps make sure the registration process is user-friendly. Also, the search and filter option must be very effective to help with the customer choosing according to their preference.

For delivery partner’s apps, there must be an option to toggle between online and offline options. They must be able to accept the food or reject it by providing valid reasons. They must also be able to see their daily and monthly earning, performance chart, etc. to validate their performance. They must also keep updating their status like food picked up, out for delivery, and delivered for easy tracking.

The store app must get the grocery list placed by the customers. The products available in the store must be updated in their profile to attract more customers. Also when a customer makes a payment in the app it should be transferred to the store immediately.

Summing up

One can create two kinds of apps.


  • Stores that have their own app and deliver their products to customers.
  • Stores that don't have their own app and partner with instacart like app and get their products delivered by the app.