Career doubts and confusion are common among students in schools and colleges. These doubts need to be addressed before embarking on a career journey. To be able to provide effective career counselling, it is important to understand the student's story. It is important to know the student's background, motivation, role model, beliefs, etc. as these external factors of real-life have a profound effect on the student's personality.

Global career counselling has evolved due to the digital revolution and the career of the 21st century has been re-imagined for the world. ICS provides state-of-the-art career advice by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology and AI advances. Using the best combination of science and AI with leading research in developmental psychology, ICS sets industry-leading standards for career counselling and career guidance.

ICS's unique core of new-age career counseling is designed to provide a scientific, holistic, and empirical approach to making smart career decisions in the 21st century. This three-dimensional awareness is achieved by understanding:

Self-awareness: Provides self-awareness by diving deeper into individual abilities, interests, multiple intelligence, and personality traits as a result of a comprehensive psychological assessment of proteins.

Career Landscape Awareness: With 600+ careers in our vast libraries, students will gain a holistic view of the industry landscape and incorporate the latest and most popular new career options. Finally, you can make a well-known choice.

Proper Fit Awareness: Proteus automatically identifies the right set of careers for a student from a broader career landscape and based on the individual conditions of an individual's psychological assessment.

That way, with effective career counselling, students can make the right choices at the right time, which is essential for a good career path. To achieve this goal, the science and research that is planned and used are the best that the industry has to offer.