As you move into the next location in the next area, you'll meet your Evil Legion Commander. He's got around 10,000 HP He is extremely hard to hit Lost Ark Gold, and usually has at least one mini-boss level monster with him So be cautious. At lower levels, this can be a tough fight.

Frenzied Agarus Monster Location - Borea's Domain

Travel south from Galatur's Forge. When you arrive at an area of large size, go to the south-facing exit. Just as the space thins out, prior to getting to the broken cart to the right side of the path, you will find the Frenzied Agarus.

Frenzied Imp Mage Monster Location - Borea's Domain

Start your journey to the south from Galatur's Forge, and into the southwest part of the area below, where a trail heads west into the northwest corner of Borea's Domain. Step up the steps to the northern corner and go right at the bottom. In the corner is the spawn point for the Frenzied Imp Mage.

The Giant Black Rose Spider Monster Location Blackrose Chapel Blackrose Chapel

In the direction of The Styxia Village Triport, leave Styxia Village by the north gate and go to the right after the fork. Follow the route you're on toward Leyar Terrace Portal. Leyar Terrace Portal and you will come across The Giant Black Rose Spider, with a huge carcass to right side of the path.

Giant Puruu Wolverine Monster Location - Leyar Terrace

Follow the path southeast from the Land of Puruus Triport. In the next location, it is possible to stay to the west, then go towards the southern exit on one side. Then you will see the Giant Puruu Warrior there.

Lonesome Gerod Monster Borea's Domain

Leave into the Rift of Mayhem at the northern exit and head east into the direction you reach. There is a dead-end route to the to the south. Near this intersection, there are several Lonesome Gerods.

"Mad Lead" Flamingo Monster Location Leyar Terrace

From The Mistfog Shelter Triport, go a short distance east and then south , at the signpost, into the flamingo field Cheapest Lost Ark Gold. Then, walk along the eastern side and walk until you spot an unfinished cart on the rocks. A Mad Lead Flamingo will appear there.