Geometry dash, the famous platform, is returning with the most thrilling section yet. Make your way through numerous levels of platform action based on rhythm. You may acquire special icons to personalize your character as you go through difficult stages.

The goal of the game is to finish each level by reaching the end. In particular, whenever the player collides with an obstacle, the level is reset from the beginning, with the exception of Practice Mode. The pace at which the symbol moves is beyond the control of the user. The in-game music's tempo and rhythm are important aspects of the game, frequently in connection to one another.
The player's symbol in the game takes the form of one of seven cars, each of which reacts differently to each contact. The player taps to leap from the ground in the default cube form then holds to execute repeated jumps. The player must hold to go up and release to move down in the ship. The user taps the ball to change gravity from ground to air. The player taps to leap in mid-air in the UFO. The player holds the wave to go up diagonally and releases to move down diagonally; gravity has the reverse effect. The player controls the robot by holding and releasing it to perform a long jump from the ground. 
Portals complicate player mobility by allowing them to switch between vehicles, reverse gravity, modify the size of their vehicle, or mirror their movement. In addition, pads and orbs allow the player to leap automatically or in mid-air.