Can you bear these heat waves of this summer?  Do you fantasize about escaping the monotony and exhaustion of your daily life?  Are you frustrated with the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions?

 To ease your mind and help you cope with the frustrations of the hectic life, has come up with a unique solution i.e., online meditation classes offered by the best of Meditation coaches in the country. If you want to feel better and release the anxiety in your mind and body- give a chance to the meditation classes offered.

When we talk about meditation, we generally feel like this is a task for self-betterment, mental well being or a better quality of life. If we explore through our intellectual minds, meditation truly is the understanding of space and the culture of silence.  Let me tell you, we are not speaking about the geographical space; we are quoting the inner space within ourselves, the psychological space which we know as emotions and behavioral patterns.

Meditation helps you to connect your sound mind with your sound body. It provides you with a way to shut out the unnecessary noise of a hyper active mind, negative self-talk and trauma that has accumulated in your mind and body. You can dive deep within your-self and seek the spirit of your conscience.

Meditation is a combination of art and science. It is one of the significant art forms which heal your mind and body and are scientifically proven to be doing so since ages. It releases stress hormones and help in regeneration of happy hormones called serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin and calming your thoughts progressively. The best part of meditation is that anyone and everyone can practice meditation and garner the benefits of the same. It's simple and inexpensive, and it doesn't require any special equipment.

Now-a-days, we are highly focused and dependent on digital media and simply everything functions virtually. Interestingly, offers online workout cases, live meditation classes and many other interesting classes that you can browse through and book conveniently.  The online portal is a platform for Students and Teachers to come together and take advantage of the classes offered. You can opt for 1 on 1 meditation classes and have your own personal meditation coach who provides undivided personal attention and guidance to you and your needs.

The website/app has a community of people and coaches who can register online and become online meditation coaches make. Coaches can offer meditation classes that people can search and choose from the app/website. The website/app offers maintenance of classes, calendars, messaging, reminders as well as integration to certain platforms that allow audio/video interaction between coaches and the participants. It has a different dashboard to manage their profile and details.

It’s a highly useful platform that can be taken advantage of by meditation coaches to register themselves as online meditation trainers. It will serve them with ample number of students who are willing to learn meditation and heal their minds.

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