It is not surprising to hear that as a homemaker you spend most of your time in the kitchen. For you, kitchen is the one of the most favorite places in the entire house as you not only cook food in the space but also create memories. So, when you spend so much time in the cooking space, you deserve to use the best kitchen fittings and fixtures to make your work easier and enjoyable. American Standard kitchen faucets are beautifully and thoughtfully designed that will allow you to perform the kitchen task with more efficiency.

USP of American Standard Kitchen Faucets


When it comes to the market leader in the kitchen faucets’ market, it is hard to beat the popularity of the American Standard brand.  The reasons are as follows:

  • Established Player in the Market: Since 140 years, the brand has its strong presence and winning the heart of customers.   Manufacturing innovatively beautiful kitchen products is one of the USPs of the company, which sets it apart from other brands.
  • ADA-Compliant: All American Standard kitchen faucets are ADA compliant and thus are safe and easy to use even by limited mobility users.
  • Water-efficient Technology: American Standard Kitchen faucets are designed with precision to contribute towards the sustainable living. That’s why these branded faucets are equipped with water-efficient technology and does not allow wastage of water in any case.

Different Styles of Faucets

Revolutionize your kitchen by using different styles of American Standard kitchen faucets. Some of the most popular styles are as follows:

  1. Pull-Out: The pull-out faucets are designed considering the comfort of users. These faucets come in different arc heights that extend the spout head in different directions and ensure enhanced precision and better usability. One should choose a pull-out faucet based on his washing needs, sink size and kitchen’s interior style.
  2. Pull-Down: Pull-down faucets are designed to improve the usability and to make washing and cleaning tasks less stressful. The pull-down faucets have taller arcs. These faucets are available in multiple spray patterns and support the hands-free technology.
  3.  Single Handle: American Standard kitchen faucets with single handle come in various handle styles and arc heights. These faucets feature one lever for controlling the volume and the temperature of the water.
  4. Two Handle Faucet: These faucets function in a similar way as one handle faucets but have two different levers for handling cold and hot water.
  5. Side Spray Faucet: Take the washing chore to the next level by using side spray faucets. The side spray allows a user to wash utensils or vegetables near the sink area by making changes in hose. These kinds of faucets are good to use for large sinks and make washing or cleaning vegetables task much easier to perform when the sink is already filled.

The impressive color range of American Standard kitchen faucet may make your task of choosing one color out of many a little trickier. Some of the most popular color options available in the market in the brand are brushed nickel, estate bronze, legacy bronze, polished chrome, nickel, stainless steel white, matte black to name a few. You will easily find modern and sleek designs in stainless steel and polished chrome finishing. So, decide your color preference first and accordingly make your purchase.

It is worth investing in American Standard kitchen faucets if you want to modernize the cooking space in a budget. The people, who are using the kitchen faucets of the American Standard are extremely happy with their decision owing to their excellent functionality and durability. So, browse it’s beautiful collection of kitchen faucets, make your selection before making an online purchase.