This question worries a lot of people. Especially those who are just starting out in networking.

By the way, this is one of the mistakes of many networkers, to believe that you should write posts only when you have earned money. And while they do not you kind of nobody and call you anything.

If all entrepreneurs thought that way, then no one would ever know about them. What's more, people go for people first, not your wallet.

For example Sarah Alkhoury net worth has a very decent income because she knows that people are interested in her life and many just want to know what she lives.

Also, many people like to devalue themselves a lot and think that the first $100 they earned is no result at all and it's a shame to write about it.

And you think about how many people on the Internet, who have not earned even that much money. And you have a great opportunity to talk about it in your post and attract customers and partners who dream about those 100$.

So here it is.

To understand what to write posts about - you have  a prescribed:

               1)target audience 

                2)its problems.

What you think about is the theme for your posts. So then they don't have a headache about what to write about. They have enough topics for months to come.

Plus on top of all that you do some kind of action every day. You study, you work with your team, you communicate with your friends, you get some kind of realization, you work on yourself.

All of these things are also the topics for your posts. You just have to realize it, see it, write it down, and use it. 

Ideas are all around you. There are so many that you just can't imagine:

                  1)That's why when  students make a content plan for a month they get excited because they used to think the same way.

                   2)And then they write the kind of posts that bring them clients and partners from other countries.