Since the sales for medical marijuana began in January 2019, the prices have dropped. The cost of plant material averaged at $284 per ounce, down from $428, but later affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in March. But according to the report, there's low participation, and the major concern comes down to the MMJ's high cost. Most patients and caregivers already enrolled in the medical cannabis program complain about the cannabis' products' high prices. Even in online forums, the much talked about topic remains to be Ohio dispensary prices

Many patients with the qualifying medical condition feel the high cost may not be worth it. And particularly after going through the expensive process of getting a doctor's recommendation. For this fact, we've delved deeper into Ohio medical cannabis pricing. We urge you to keep reading as we enlighten you on how to find the best prices.

Types of Medical Cannabis at Ohio Dispensaries

Before we look at the options available, it's important to know that the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy prohibits smoking MMJ. Patients can still purchase marijuana flowers from the dispensary to vaporize, as no smoking or combusting will be allowed. Medical cannabis available in Ohio state includes; oils or plant material, tinctures, edibles, patches, and creams.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Pricing

While the Ohio dispensary prices vary per dispensary, the cannabis form will also influence the cost. Ohio dispensaries have the right to adjust the product's price whichever way they want them. However, larger quantities of cannabis flowers will be more expensive than other products, depending on the strain and other properties. 

Finding the Best Ohio Dispensary Prices

Some dispensaries in Ohio state offer special discounts and promotions from time to time. In addition, it's essential to find out the products that will require fewer doses or the ones that will last longer with one dosage. Most patients prefer the cannabis flower to manufactured products, making it a popular sale in the market. And while it costs under $18 per gram, the manufactured products per gram cost more than $46. For instance, the cannabis gummies and capsules cost an average of between $40 and $55 in Herbology dispensaries. And a small tincture can cost you $77 on average. 

Ohio State looks to increase the number of dispensaries from the current fifty-seven to a hundred and thirty-one. Doing so will minimize the Ohio dispensary prices and help many patients access medical cannabis without traveling far. Many people in this industry try to work with the state to improve the MMJ program and make it easier for patients. In addition, some dispensaries can provide up to twenty percent discounts to people receiving federal assistance and veterans.

In Conclusion

The Ohio dispensary prices for medical cannabis remain high, keeping some patients away from purchasing MMJ. It's caused by the high up-front costs of starting a cannabis business, passing the cost to the patients. However, with most dispensaries offering great promotions and discounts, most patients find MMJ a viable medicine. Be sure to look out for great weekly online deals. Schedule an appointment today to get relief from medical marijuana.