Summary: Are you soon planning to host a perfect wedding in 2021 and looking for caterers in Faridabad?  If yes, we have penned down this amazing write up to help you catch the top 5 food trends in the Indian wedding catering industry.

Wedding- a seven-letter word has a profound meaning for the couple who is tying the knot with each other. In India, weddings have a massive celebration as it is not the union of two hearts only, but also it brings two families together in a bond that are cherished by them forever. Are you trying to organize a wedding ceremony in Faridabad in 2021 with C, we congratulate you on breaking the bond of celebacy.

So, if you set your mood for big celebrations, you will feel disappointed as the number of wedding guests has been curtailed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. But that does not mean that your guests will have to compromise the quality of food. So, here we are ready to spice up your perfect “Shaddi Ceremony” with the top 5 food trends that have influenced the Wedding Caterers in Faridabad.

Let’s see What is Inn for Dining and Wining in Weddings with the Top Caterers all Around Us

  1. Canned Cocktails: Bars will stay in as a trending element for weddings. Bottled drinks or canned cocktails will be in vogue and these drinks will be available at the counters where the folks will have to self-serve these amazing drinks.
  2. Healthier Food Options: Because of the arrival of the Pandemic, the entire country has moved in for the healthy options of food. The catering industry food menus have gone through a seismic transformation and people love healthier versions of food such as vegan food, vegetarian food, and plant based options on the food menus.
  3. Food Trucks: With safety on the minds of the folks, you must give the guests the experience of food trucks which is a great way of grabbing the food by maintaining the safe queues following the social distancing.

The Heart of the Matter:

These trends will boost the engagement of wedding caterers in the ceremony and they will feel great to serve the guests and the host with these buzzing trends.