The weather turns cool, people's passion to travel, slowly recede, scenic spot also became cold, want to attract visitors have to becomes different from looks the same, actually not difficult also, add an inflatable trampoline bridge is very good.
Trampoline bridge can raise the level of scenic spot appearance. inflatable floating water park But "appearance level as justice" in this age, the scenic spot also "face". Natural landscape is a good scenery, but if erect a white on the surface of the bridge, also do not have a taste. Perfect white trampoline bridge over the river, the distance is like the white clouds floating in the river, in the evening sunset rises, standing between yt, snow-white bridge scenery that call a beauty.
Trampoline can bridge extension module of the scenic spot. Natural scenic spot is given priority to with scenery, more income structure occupies tickets is bigger, this is mainly because of the scenic spot module is a single, lack of project can let visitors secondary consumption. Join on the bridge of the trampoline will scenic area from a single view scene to see the scene into amusement place. People stay in a scenic spot for the longer, the greater the consumption may be, it is so helpful to increase the income of the scenic spot.
Trampoline bridge can help the propaganda of the scenic spot. Paid great attention in order to attract tourists, the scenic spot now campaign, in the propaganda of distinctive place impressed people more easily, such as in the circle of friends windmill day, refresh the trill fire of pink flowers, these characteristics is not only convenient for propaganda, and has become a scenic spot's signature card. This led the entire with a characteristic scenic spot can also known as degree of trampoline bridge.
Novel trampoline bridge is a traffic facilities to change Inflatable water park on lake into a amusement facilities, whether adults or children want to walk across the bridge is not a simple thing, just have to jump to. This is because the bridge is made up of individual trampoline, trampoline bounce is known to all, more than that, each float fetal middle also increased the elastic mesh cloth, it is the elastic material makes the bridge is not ordinary.
Such a bridge means to balance is not a good friend can be a challenge, perhaps to drop a few top to get to the side of the river, lit up along the way, the bridge of interesting show up immediately.
Someone will ask "accidentally fell down that much more inflatable castle with slide painful ah" "one thousand fell into the river?" Trampoline PVC material is soft and smooth, fall not pain; The bridge itself is also very strong, although it is inflatable forming, its mechanical structure is a steel wire rope, and facilities on the bridge deck has a fence and fence. Based on this, want to have a try also need to put on staff provide lifejacket, rest assured bold play will be more enjoyable.