Interactive electronic whiteboard operation is simple and smartboards in classrooms intuitive, difficult point tumble, presentations, reproduce clear specification, image changes, the resources use is simple, flexible and dynamic storage playback, interaction between teachers and students enhance the advantages, such as the teacher of the existing teaching skills, boosting the interactivity between teachers and students, the integrating the record can be (cumulative) promotion, make the network teaching resources sharing, catered to the trend of modern teaching.
Interactive electronic whiteboard in preschool education market
"Comprehensive two children" policy, means that this is a large market of preschool education market with more broad, combined with teaching faculty shortage is also well-known in the industry, the interactive electronic whiteboard applications in education make these problems is not so difficult.
Kindergarten interactive electronic whiteboard gradually interactive whiteboards in the classroom into the kindergarten education in the life, become a modern kindergarten teaching essential auxiliary tool. It not only update the teaching means and methods, but also improves the quality of teaching, can more vividly textbooks, mobilize the students' interest in learning, play a core role for teachers teaching.
To solve the current multimedia education teaching interaction between teachers and students of "weakening" phenomenon. The teacher on the platform, please again, enhances the teaching interaction and the emotional communication between teachers and students, and can stimulate students' learning desire.
To change the current teaching more blackboard in the classroom at interactive flat panel display the same time use of the status quo, saved the space of the classroom, and storage and repeated calls to the function of a panel (its storage capacity depends on the computer storage), greatly reduce the teacher's energy expenditure.
Overcomes the power point existing in the teaching idea and interactive boards for classrooms electronic courseware interface window "inflexible, cure" phenomenon. Teachers freely to the courseware to supplement and correction, make full play of the teacher's inspiration and creativity, and can save and calls), greatly improving the teachers' teaching enthusiasm and quality.
Green teaching, no dust pollution, classroom interactive whiteboard for the teachers and students physical health, provides a good learning environment.
Internet connection can realize campus LAN and remote network teaching.