Are you having difficulty deciding the best concealer for your skin tone? Don’t exactly know the difference between concealer and foundation? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. Most people, these days, don’t know the answers to these questions.  Concealers are more like foundations that are more pigmented and have a thick consistency. Usually, concealers cover dark areas of the skin such as dark circles, blemishes, and areas of hyperpigmentation. Scroll down and get to know all you can about concealers in this quick read:

How to choose your concealer?


  • The colour depth


The colour of the concealer is all that matters and to land upon that, you need to see what you wish to cover. If you wish to cover just the dark circles, then pick a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Coupled with some dewy finish, this will bring out the brightness of the applied area well. To get rid of those blemishes, choose a concealer that is close to the tone of your skin. Make sure that this concealer has a more matte finish. This will draw less attention to the area by not reflecting any light. Plus, a matte finish always gives an elegant look.


  • Undertones


Shade #4 is highly recommended for skin tones that are of deep colour. You can decide whether a concealer will best suit you or not by looking at its undertone. Usually, undertones come in a variety of colours including green, yellow, peach/orange, and lavender.  Hyperpigmentation, bruises, and dark circles lead to grey, purple and blue. This is neutralised by a peach or orange undertone. Green and yellow undertones are capable of making the skin get rid of the redness that is caused by rosacea or blemishes. The yellow of the skin and the paleness can be covered by a lavender undertone. 

Pick your concealer corrector formula:

Well, picking concealers can still be a tough task. It’s important to determine what you are trying to conceal i.e., for what purpose you are planning to use the concealer.


  • Highlighting and concealer corrector palette


Use a delete or circle concealer for this purpose. This type of concealer has a rich cream-like consistency. These can be used for highlighting and coverage. Here, two different colours can either be used separately or in a blended form to achieve one’s desired coverage. This concealer comes in several shades. These are as follows:

  • Shade #1 hides redness.
  • Shade #2 hides grey, purple and blue.
  • Shade #3 is basically for skin tones that are medium-dark or deep.
  • Shade #4 is highly recommended for skin tones that are of deep colour. 


  • For sheer coverage 


For this purpose, go with an active light concealer. It works more like a brightener. It is best for providing sheer as well as medium-standard coverage for all sorts of under-eye puffy bags and shadows. This concealer comes in the below-mentioned shades:

  • Shade #1 involves yellow that tends to neutralise redness. Likewise is Shade #2.
  • Shade #3 has peaches that hide grey, purple and blue. Likewise is Shade #4.
  • Shade #5 is a yellow/brown that works on medium-dark or deep redness.
  • Shade #4 is highly-recommended for darkness neutralisation via orange/brown.


  • For under-eyes of a darker shade


Use an enlightened type of corrective concealer. It is rich and creamy in consistency and is loaded with brightening properties capable of covering the under-eyes of extremely dark shades. Not only that, it can conceal bruises as well as hyperpigmentation, and guess what, tattoos too. 

Some basic tips to apply concealer:


  • After going through the aforementioned concealer formulas, you can pick the one which best suits you. 
  • When picking your shade of concealer, first, focus on covering the blemishes. In a move that seems stippling, put the concealer over the blemishes using a brush. 
  • For heavier applications, such as those in areas with dark circles, you can use some camouflage brushes. To obtain a soft, blended look, use a brush that has fluffy hair. 
  • Wondering if you can use your fingers to apply concealer? Well, yes, you can. Use your ring finger to apply the concealer gently.
  • Use an under-eye concealer afterward. Put some talcum powder first to obtain a smoother application. Then, put an under-eye concealer to conceal the lines and creases. 


This was your ultimate beauty guide to judiciously using a concealer and getting the maximum benefit out of the makeup product. So, what are you waiting for? Conceal those blemishes and walk around with grace! Still in doubt? Reach out to Viseart and clear the haze. This article discusses some amazing tips and tricks for using concealer. Glam it up with your concealers now!