The exemplary features of the Telegram application have not only made this incentive soft as the main museum of our contact and connection as Iranians, but it has also become a place to earn money and attract customers.

If you have a telegram channel, you are probably aware that increasing your telegram membership and audience is a very difficult task that requires time to produce content. But on the other hand, there are many businesses that want to go through a hundred-year journey overnight to be able to introduce their products in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

This hot telegram market has given rise to a new business; A business whose main focus is the sale and purchase of Telegram members. The demand for channel admins to increase Telegram membership is such that many advertising agencies have also taken the lead in providing these services.

If this is the first time you hear the phrase "increase Telegram membership", we must say that in this method, no advertisement or content is exchanged between the channel and the user. How?

Well, the answer is that new members are added to the channel through some mobile apps.

We also try to provide such services to interested people by using the latest available methods on the Videogram site. However, we never recommend such an advertising method to our customers (we will explain in the continuation!).

For this reason, we decided in this article to identify the existing methods to increase the Telegram membership, so that those who are interested in such services know how it works.

How to increase Telegram membership?
It is good to know that the increase of Telegram member is completed in several different ways. In the following we consider the following methods:

Optional increase of Telegram member
In the optional increase of Telegram member, the channel link is automatically indicated on the users' telegram. This way, the user will be added to your channel members by viewing the channel search and confirming the membership message.

Mandatory increase of Telegram member
In this way, by increasing the membership, users who have some Persian applications installed on their mobile phones (for example, unofficial Telegram applications), will automatically become members of your Telegram channel members without a command.

In the continuation of this article, we will explain to you why this method will have a small impact on your business.

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