Increasing Telegram membership, especially if it is real and active, is of great importance and value for Telegram admin pages.

Telegram is the only one of the most popular social networks in the world, more selectively in Iran. Telegram's unique features make it an important and popular tool. Something more than a social network has become a source of income for many people.

Increasing the number of members and members of Telegram channels has become important since people saw that they could see Telegram as a way to earn money. Concerns about increasing the true membership will always exist for page admins.

Increase Telegram channel membership
Of course, some channel and category managers try to use black methods such as member enhancement robots. This method is actually similar to increasing fake followers on Instagram.

For this reason, we suggest that instead of using these irrational ways, try to use creative and attractive methods to increase the membership in your Telegram channel.

19 ways to increase the real and active member:
1- What is the number of your members?
Good or bad, you have to accept that the number of primary members will play an important role in increasing your membership. When your channel members are low, it will not have a positive effect on your channel visitors.

Maybe you should think about buying a Telegram member. In any case, you should consider this point in your channel process.

2- Having useful and desirable content to increase Telegram channel membership for free
Once you have specified your intention of creating a channel and you have created the channel, do not change the subject of the channel and the channel link in any way later. Content published on the channel must match the name of the channel and content previously posted.

For example, in Anzel Web channel, which is an educational channel and is more related to Android, Windows and computer topics, we should not publish content about alchemy or physics. Members may not be happy with this query and leave the channel.

It is better to put the channel link below the article or photo when we publish an article or photo in the channel, unless the channel link is sent by the channel members if the post or photo of the channel is forwarded.

This job is like posting a post to someone directly, which increases the Instagram likes of that page.

3- Exchange with popular channels to increase Telegram channel membership
We have two types of channel advertising: reciprocal advertising (exchange) and paid advertising. Through reciprocal advertising, you put another channel link in your channel and the manager of this channel puts your channel link in your channel.

In the paid advertising method, the managers of other channels take money from you and then put your channel link in their channel. Excessive use of link exchanges reduces the quality of the channel and members leave the channel.

Try to do this once or twice a day, and be sure to choose channels that fit the theme of your channel.

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