Ways to detect fake members in Telegram
It is often not easy to detect fake members or members of the Telegram. In order to identify a fake member of the Telegram group and Telegram channels, one must pay attention to the proportion of visits to the posts and the number of members. For example, if you are a member of a channel that has more than 3k members but its posts are viewed less than 300 times, be sure that the percentage of members of this channel are untrue.

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Equality of post views
To verify the authenticity of the members of a channel, you can pay attention to the number of visits to the posts of that channel in a certain interval.

For example, consider the number of visits to a channel's posts for the last week; Channels that have real members must have the same number of visits to their posts or be very close to each other.

This is not the case with channels that have fraudulent members; The posts of these channels have unreasonable views. This means, for example, that the number of visits to one post is very high and in another post it is very low.

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Too much increase in channel members in a short period of time
If you became a member of a channel and saw that on the expiration of your membership, the members of the channel were suddenly significantly increased, it is possible that the administrator of that channel has purchased a fake Telegram member panel.

Channel members fall
Counterfeit members are quickly introduced by Telegram. For this reason, fake members have a short lifespan. Telegram deletes fake group members and channels after identifying them. Also, if Telegram finds out that a user has not been active for a long period of time, such as a month, it will delete his account.

You may be a member of a channel that has 5k members and after a while you will notice that these members suddenly drop to 3k; Aren't you surprised? Do not you lose trust in that channel?

Using a fake member in telegram channels can damage your viewer's trust and reduce your credibility.

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