Fick member of the soul
The members that are attracted to channels and groups by this method are real, but because of the way they are added to channels and groups, they are called fake members. Users who use unofficial versions of Telegram such as: Mobogram, Golden Telegram, Hotgram and Telegram Plus, etc. can be forcibly or secretly added to Telegram channels without realizing it. For example, the channel admin buys 100 fake Telegram members from a service; After receiving the package tariff, the service provider will automatically add unofficial versions of Telegram to your channel. In this face, the user is added to your channel without realizing it. This job is a trick to increase the number of Telegram fake members and real members of the Telegram channel.

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How to make a Telegram fake member
To create a fake Telegram member with your phone, you must first launch the channel or group you want to subscribe to in the original version of Telegram. Then install an incentive to build a virtual number such as Text Plus or a program to build a fake Telegram member like. Then create your own virtual numbers. Then download a Telegram member app for iPhone on Google Play or the Telegram member market cafe (tele-member) or if you have an iPhone mobile phone.

In the next step, create your virtual number and then, with the virtual number, create a second account in the unofficial versions of Telegram.

After this, enter the program to create a fake Telegram member and enter your second account. The working method of Telegram Fick subscriber programs is that you have to get coins to increase the members of your Fick channel.

Every 24 hours after you become a member of these applications, some coins will be added to your account every day.
You also get a coin to add each channel. You can even buy a few coins cheaply to increase your score.
After receiving the coin, you can apply for a membership.

To attract a fake Telegram member, above 2k and increase the free Telegram fake member, you have to do this with two or more phones. You should invite those around you to use these applications.

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