Sclerotherapy is a form of vein therapy, in which medication is injected into the blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. This swelling cut off the flow of blood or lymphatic fluid and the vessel constricts. This procedure is commonly used to treat varicose veins or spider veins.




In what situations is sclerotherapy used?


Sclerotherapy is mostly used to treat varicose veins. When veins bulge or become swollen, they are varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused by weakened vein walls, which weaken the valves of the veins. As a result, blood pools in the veins, causing them to swell and look different.


These types of veins are painful and can cause serious skin problems. Through sclerotherapy, the effects of vein damage are reduced by shrinking the veins. This makes varicose veins less visible and less painful.

When to consider sclerotherapy treatment-


First of all, discuss with your vein specialist near me South Shore what is needed for the treatment of veins. Because not every type of vein problem can be cured with sclerotherapy, it is individual. Therefore, you should discuss your symptoms and spider vein treatment li options with your doctor.


Sclerotherapy should be considered when:


  • Have a rash near the veins
  • Dry skin on the feet
  • Legs feel heavy
  • Nerve hurts

Process of sclerotherapy-


Vein doctor North Shore consultation is required to assess the problematic vein or lymphatic vessel. After that, the process of sclerotherapy is started. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is usually done in the veins clinics long island of a dermatologist or vein specialist.


It does not require any special preparation. The patient should follow the instructions given by the doctor before the surgery as it may be necessary to avoid lotions or oils before the surgery. During spider vein treatment li, the person lies on their back with their legs elevated and the doctor cleans the area, and then inserts a small needle into the vein, injecting the vein with an irritating solution. You may feel burning, tingling can be felt.


After injecting the doctor massages the area to prevent blood from re-entering the vein. You may need to wear compression stockings in that area. After treatment, you will need to be active to prevent blood clots from forming. Most will also need to be protected from sunlight, so as not to cause dark spots on the treated area. Some patients will experience tenderness or bruising at the injection site after this procedure, but they will recover.


Cost and Insurance Coverage


Insurance coverage for sclerotherapy depends on the insurer deems the procedure medically necessary. Just as the problem of spider veins is only a cosmetic concern, insurance coverage may not be. Some insurers may require cryotherapy, another procedure of sclerotherapy, to stabilize the veins.


When sclerotherapy is used for hemorrhoid conditions it is covered. This may require you to see a doctor that other treatments have failed or sclerotherapy is the safest and most effective treatment for your vein problem.


The sclerotherapy procedure is commonly used to cure acne. The outlook for people after this procedure is good because serious side effects are rare and it is effective. If you are concerned about the risks and benefits of sclerotherapy, discuss the procedure with your doctor. 

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