Before buying the furniture and choosing the colours of the walls, you must know: what style of decoration you want for your house. In this way, you will guarantee that all the elements combine in harmony and that the final result is a magazine. Before you start decorating your home, in the following article, interior design experts will show you how to choose a style of decoration.


Steps to follow:


  • Gather Information

The first thing you should do is inform yourself. Buy decoration magazines, check what the finishes you like the most have in common, write down the characteristics of the spaces you like, and link them to a particular style.


  • Make a list of favorite Elements

Make a list of your favorite things, analyze what things you like for your house and if they resemble each other or on the contrary are polar opposites. With each accessory, colour, or piece of furniture you put on the list, imagine it in your home with the other accessories and ask yourself how that image makes you feel. Therefore, you can desist from a style of decoration or find the ideal just by listening to yourself.


  • Remove things that you don’t like

If the previous step did not work for you, write down things that you do not like so that at the time of buying you know exactly what things you should not take into account. Knowing what you don't like will help you know what you do like and determine, for example, what colours you want your walls to look like or what fabric you want your furniture to be.


  • Learn about different styles accurately

Know what are the characteristics of the decoration styles. If you like linear, clean, and sober finishes your style may be minimalist if you like to combine many ornaments, colours, and old elements you like retro, if you like elegant houses with stylish furniture you like contemporary. 


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  • Combine two elements

If you cannot decide on a style of decoration you can combine two styles. Ideally, both styles of decoration should be similar, so you can choose the ones you like the most about each one and join them in a unique finish for your house.

Nowadays things are easier and today there are digital applications that offer to virtually decorate a space with an image gallery. Home store catalogs are also available for you to make your virtual combinations, decide, discard and then go to the store to make your purchase. Both the application and the catalogs with good tools to define what you like and put together your decoration style.


  • Seek the help of an expert

An interior designer can help you choose the style of decoration that best suits your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences. After making lists, interfering with the theme, and consulting with a professional or professionals of interior design degree colleges in Mumbai, it is time to decorate your home with the style you have chosen. 

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