2K Showcase and Nba 2k22 Mt Universe. The game also features the return of the general manager mode, which includes MyGM and the inclusion of MyFACTION, a MyFACTION mode the latter of which makes use of character packs similar to the NBA 2K games to build WWE factions.

Dr. Disrespect's life was given a new lease within WWE 2K22 by YouTuber MG21, who regularly posts content featuring custom and altered wrestlers that are part of 2K22. MG21 uploaded the video of their match with Dr Disrespect. It captures its physical form with great detail from the red and black attire to the distinctive Mullet.

For added flair, MG21 gives him Edge's spectacular entrance from prior to his recent heel turn on TV . It also features one of the Doc's stream openings, as his entrance's enhanced real-time feature.

It's not the most bizarre invention they've showcased the channel's YouTube page but MG21 frequently showcases its own creations and creative works of the community. A different video on the channel sees six random creations tossed in an elimination chamber game.

Indirectly showing how accurate the make-a-wrestler process is. The creations showcased in said clip include Ronald McDonald, Goku, Snoop Dogg, and Thanos Each of them are fairly accurate in-game recreations.

These custom wrestlers prove 2k22 mt buy how innovative WWE 2K players are and their capacity to make best value out of the game's creation tools. These creations are four out of hundreds, many, if not thousands, of ideas accessible for download and use in the event that certain designs fit into the players' game's promotional needs or simply catch their attention.