The Capricorn man is very physical and passionate about things and the people around him. He is not too emotional outside but deep inside his heart, he yearns for love and attention. Showing a Capricorn man that you care for him is a good way to start getting his love but note that the Capricorn man takes time before they give over their trust to someone.

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The Capricorn man can be very faithful and may be considered to be the most faithful of all the zodiac signs. They tend to be caring and make wonderful fathers, and they hate dishonesty in their women. if you want to keep a Capricorn man you need to first know how this zodiac sign behaves and what attracts him to a woman.


This is one thing that a Capricorn man finds vital in his chosen of woman. He takes time to trust people but if his trust is gotten make sure you will not to violate it in anyway as it may break the relationship. Trust is very important to a Capricorn man and so let him trust you completely with out any douth.


The Capricorn love to laugh a lot and any woman with a good sense of humor will definitely attract his attention but do not pry into their emotions with your jokes or humor, or else he may pick offense, and take it the wrong way. Making them to laugh all the time will make them to be comfortable around you.

High Class

They like to be connected to people on the same intellectual level. They like gifts, not gaudy and expensive but practical and useful. They do not like second-rated gifts and always keep them, high class. Plan an upscale date to an art gallery, theater, or a fancy restaurant.

Never be late. Capricorns are very punctual and live by their time and they do not like to be kept waiting, it shows irresponsibility. Be patient when you are with a Capricorn man because underneath that skin lies a passionate, loyal man person that will come out when the time is right, once you have proven yourself to him.