Getting a bachelor's degree is the most important step of your career. No matter what your desired field of career is, getting a degree is vital.  Especially if you are looking to excel in the field of travel and tourism.

In recent years, the growth in the travel and tourism industry has been pretty significant. As a result, more and more aspirants are motivated to live their dream. According to experts in the field, the primary step for success in a travel and tourism career is to get your Bachelor's. Not only is it your ticket to jobs, but the academic curriculum makes you prepared for life after academics.


Importance of Bachelor's in travel and tourism management

A bachelor of travel and tourism management is essential for in-depth academic knowledge of operational and administrative operations. The essential elements of administrative, economic, advertising, accounting, and economics, as well as administration in travel, hotel industry, and hospitality, will be covered in the certificate program. It would help if you distinguish yourself from other applicants in addition to possessing the appropriate qualifications, as tourist administration is a huge industry to specialise in. 

Even if you don't have the academic authority to operate in this field, you can climb up to a supervisory position with enough expertise. You can also work part-time in an entry-level leisure and tourist business position while studying tourism management. A BBA in tourism and travel management is essential these days.

The admission procedure for Bachelor's in travel and tourism management

 Although other universities prefer to admit students after an objective-based qualifying examination and second rounds of interviewing. Students must pass the admission exam and get the required cut-off percent in their 10+2 exams. Objective-type questionnaires are used in entrance exams to assess students' statistical abilities. The registration form will be provided on the college or university's official site for students to obtain. Here are the steps:

  • Students must take the entrance exam for the colleges they desire to apply to. The registration notification is expected to be released in April and May.
  • In order to get admitted, students must take the required entrance exam.
  • Candidates who pass a basic test and receive the required marks in their 10+2 exams will be shortlisted by the college.
  • The college will publish the names of students who scored above the cutoff.

Jobs after Bachelor in travel and tourism

While experience is important for advancement in the travel and tourism industry, individuals can find unlimited work options in both the commercial and public industries after completing a course in the area.


  • Executive Travel


A travel executive is in charge of organising many parts of a trip, such as transport, flight reservations, hotel accommodations, and location information.


  • Guide for Visitors


A tourist guide assists visitors to various tourist destinations by providing information on the social, cultural, and present legacy of religious and historical monuments, museums, and other points of interest.


  • Travel writer


A travel writer is in charge of authoring a variety of travel-related stories.


  • Operator of tours


A tour operator is a specialist responsible for planning tours and overseeing  tourists' transportation and accommodations.


So this is all you need to know about travel and tourism management. If you have a knack for travelling, then tourism and travel management are for you.