This not only improved the source, but also made it much easier and more desirable for bots to fish there, so a lot of cheating-inclined players started macroing there and added added to the glut of distribution. Additionally, there was recently a bug that gave a few players a huge unintentional increase in return from the coffers in Miscellania. All the players that had their kingdoms set to fish dropped millions of swordfish and lettuce on the GE at once, causing the price to drop. Lobsters have a tendency to follow along with the purchase price of swordfish and fell so too, and the cost is still recovering.

Not one of your methods are earning much more than 200k gp/hr, so no, you aren't being effective. I advise you to RuneScape gold develop your character by doing quests. You've got far too few pursuit points and all the best moneymakers, gear, and coaching methods are inaccessible to you because of this. Questing unlocks new activities and new equipment while being the most efficient way possible to level up your skills (pursuit xp rewards!) . So. . .do some quests.

Anyway. Yew logs are only terrible and just make about 80k gp/hr, so you should give those up entirely. They're not good for cash at all. I really don't understand where you have the idea they were, tbh. Magics are equally as bad and max out around 150k gp/hr even at 99 woodcutting under optimal conditions.

Woodcutting is a dreadful money ability and should not be treated as a moneymaker in any way. If you're going to chop yews for a reason aside from money, though, the best spot is that the Gnome Stronghold using a planted yew tree. And the Catherby bank is closer than Seer's into OSRS Gold For Sale the flax field yews. But speaking as an experienced woodcutter, I can not advise chopping yews, since the xp and cash from them are equally garbage.