Russiahas successfully sent a lab module connected to it.The International Space Station ISS, after a long delay from its original 2007
schedule, on July 29, the Russian Space Agency's 22-ton multipurpose laboratory module "Nayuga". or Ross Cosmos has successfully connected to the International Space Station or ISS After being launched from a rocket launch site at Baikonur in Kazakhstan on July 21, it took eight days to arrive. 
About three hours after the connection, two Russian astronauts Oleg Nowitsky and Yotri Dubrov opened the connection door between the Nayuga modules. and the Zvezda module At this stage, there was a problem with the module's stability control system. But astronauts were reportedly not harmed at all.  
The multipurpose lab module will increase the workspace of science research on the International Space Station. In the past, there was a technical problem with the fuel system. and the spread of COVID-19 This causes the transmission of modules to be delayed. while the ISS It will retire after 2024, but US NASA expects it to remain operational until 2028. 

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