After juggling work on a regular tiring day, sometimes all your heart longs for is coming back home to your beautiful lush lawn, emanating serenity. A calm space where you can spend quality time with your loved ones over a cup of hot coffee. Let’s uncover a means, which will help you find a consistent way, that is, having your lawn maintained by true professionals.

Everyone wants a healthy lawn. However, if it doesn’t come off as action, it continues to remain a fantasy. This is where we jump into the picture. We, at Clay Fields, put ourselves in your shoes to understand the importance you hold to your lawn and your vision of it. Whether it is mowing or horticulture, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

A healthy lawn is not just a product of fertilising and weed control. It requires careful tending towards the various areas of the lawn with precise cuts and movements. Every lawn is different, and that’s why we offer personalised care.

A pertinent question that lingers, what does mowing involve, and why is it essential for your lawn?

Lawn Mowing Service is a process that involves trimming and shaping the grass blades to ensure that your homely cocoon is in its top form of pristine greenery, and your close-knitted circle. Our expertise with years of experience allows us to avoid scalping the sod, disturbing the soil or cutting back too far.

As a Horticulturist based in Melbourne’s prime spot, we know it is essential to understand the diverse impact of the environment, and the weather conditions on your beautiful garden space. We know that there are multiple aspects of care to keep your lawn a healthy place for your child or ypung relatives to play.

Maintenance of a healthy turf requires the consistency of mowing by your trusted horticulturist over regular intervals. Many benefits come with mowing the lawn that makes it your escape from worldly stress.

The correct mowing intensity helps increase the turf grass density and eventually leads to a comparatively much stronger sod that is more resistant against weed and better able to preserve under climatic or environmental stress. Isn’t an adequately trimmed and groomed lawn a pleasant sight to behold?

What’s better than a beautiful lawn? A healthy, beautiful lawn!

The quality of grass should be so soft that you should want to brush your fingers against its tactile, attractive bristles. We help you achieve that. For the aesthetic conscious inside you, cosmetic benefits are usually noticed immediately after the first service, so don’t worry because we got your back!

Clay Fields understands the importance of a well-groomed and good quality grass with few or no weed. We slice down the grass to a shorter and more consistent level in regular intervals; then, the growth gets equally distributed.

We also take care of the concept of improvement and reinforcement over time. When we cut the grass in the right way, the healthiest and the hardiest shoots are the ones to do well. You and your family deserve nothing but the very best. So, we make sure that the best quality shoots proliferate with our service, greatly improving the grass much more visibility.

Why should you choose Clay Fields for the job?

With over five years of experience, membership in the Australian Institute of landscape designers and managers, and several accreditations to our name, we are the right fit to spring back your lawn to life! Not only do we consider it an honour to serve you, but we also take pride in bringing a smile to your face, post the delivery of our stellar lawn mowing and gardening service.

Source: Think Mowing, Think Clay Fields