If you are actively big career leap then AWS solution architect associate certification program could be the perfect opportunity for you. You might be wondering exactly what to study and where to start the preparation. Then you must visit the CloudThat platform - they provide all the necessary course material required for preparation purposes. 


CloudThat provides the best AWS solution architect associate certification in India and all over the globe. The course span 14 different modules and may vary depending on the requirement of certification you are applying for. 


The modules designed for saa c02 aim to introduce the amazon web services platform right from the basic level to the most advanced topics including associative topics such as networking, access management, compute layer, database layer management, automation, and caching microservices, and serverless architectures. 


In the AWS associate certification program, CloudThat ensures that the prospects are well versed with hands-on practical experience. Nearly 50% to 60% of the certification program solely focuses on hands-on practical training and thinking-based learning (TBL). At the end of the AWS associate certification, candidates will be provided with well-structured use-cases to simulate challenges encountered in a real-world ecosystem. The entire AWS saa c02 program is delivered via an online medium which makes the course affordable for every enrolling candidate. 


Having a well-defined learning path help concentrate on essential aspects. There are a few critical domains you need to focus on while preparing for the saa c02 aws associate certification. In the resilient architectural design of the AWS module, understand the AWS Global infrastructure span across regions, availability zones, edge locations, and regions edge caches. In addition to that, you must also have a good understanding of multi-tiered architectures within a virtual private cloud VPC, Amazon route 53, Amazon CloudFront, Disaster recovery, business continuity strategies, event-driven architecture, and AWS storage services.   


In the high-performing architectural design of AWS module for saa c02 certification, you must focus most on the topics such as auto-scaling, network elastic load balancers, Amazon EC2, ECS, and Elastic Beanstalk, storage performance with the elastic file system, and amazon s3 features, VPC networking components, AWS databases, high availability across Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora. 


The AWS solution architect associate certification topics under the design of secure applications and architectures are also important such as AWS identity and access management, amazon Cognito for web and mobile security, AWS service control policies, security of applications with AWS WAF, Firewall manager, and shield, AWS logging mechanisms, the feature associated with auditing, monitoring, and evaluation with AWS config and AWS cloud trail, and AWS key management services with inbuild data encryption software. 


The final aws associate certification module covering AWS storage costs across Amazon S3, glacier, EFS, storage gateway, AWS backup, savings plans for computer instances, and cost optimization across the AWS network infrastructure is also important for achieving AWS solution architect associate certification.


After completion of aws associate certification program, you can demonstrate that you poses the necessary knowledge and skill required to work with AWS cloud infrastructure. AWS solution architect associate certification program can fast track your career growth and can elevate your role.