Direct mail marketing campaigns have always been in use, even before the popularity of the internet. However, since other marketing strategies and technological advancements pick up, direct mail may seem outdated and slow. On the contrary, this is not true; according to statistics, direct mail delivers excellent results, and many consumers still take them seriously. So, how did direct mail marketing stand the test of time? Here is how it has  evolved.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Before getting into the evolution of direct mail marketing, it is vital to understand what direct mail is and what it does. Direct mail marketing is the communication or connection between a business owner or a company and its customers through direct mail. It is a part of the direct marketing tool, but it stands out as the oldest tool in this category.

Direct mail is not as congested as other direct marketing tools. Thus, most people prefer to use them to communicate with their brands. In addition, there is minimal chance of spam because the companies and businesses are paying money to have their mails sent to their clients and thus need to compress the messages as much as possible to avoid paying more.

Direct Mail Marketing Then

The direct mail marketing strategy has been in use for the longest time. But it does not mean that it has always been as effective and reliable as today. At some point in time, gathering target clients’ data was not as simple as it is today, which made using this marketing strategy quite expensive and grumpy. People depended on creating catalogs, newsletters, and pamphlets which they would have to send widely among different communities and people they hoped would be interested in their products.

Most of those communications contained return envelopes that those who needed to respond could use. In other terms, it provided a two-way communication path for both parties. As marketing advanced and plunged into digital ways, direct mail marketing services suffered a setback as most companies started experimenting with the new marketing forms. However, the speed that the other marketing platforms offered was attractive and convincing.

Direct Mail Marketing Now

Businesses and companies are slowly beginning to go back to direct mail marketing again. They are trying to give it the attention and respect it deserves, which has also contributed to better tools for digital mail than before. As technology advances, direct mail marketing has not been left behind as it has also received full support.

This may seem ironic as it is the same technology that almost displaced it and seemed like a threat at the time. However, data collection is more sophisticated and thorough today, and direct marketing has benefited. As a result, it is the more sought-after marketing strategy today because it is cheaper, focused, and wastage contacting random people is cut.

Direct mail marketing now offers most businesses and companies the means to make lots of profits and sustain them over time. It comes in third after email and social media marketing. Social media marketing leads with only 1%, clearly stating how integrated direct mail marketing is vital for your marketing strategies.

Direct mail marketing has faced many challenges and changes that have contributed to its popularity today. The inclusion of technological advancement has largely contributed to its effectiveness and sharpness as a marketing strategy. It is even more productive when used together with other marketing strategies.