Although the squint eye condition occurs in early childhood, young adults can also experience the condition. Treatment of such a condition is generally done using eye patches. But based on the patient’s eye health and physical requirements, the doctor from the paediatric ophthalmology department can also suggest corrective vision surgery to treat the squint eye. 

Early diagnosis and treatment is the only way to prevent loss of vision from Glaucoma. Generally, eye surgery is required to treat this eye condition. Apart from that, some eye medications also help in getting the condition right. You can visit the top glaucoma specialist in Mumbai for the best care and treatment. 

A child with a squint eye generally stops processing information that he/she receives from his/her affected eye. This way, slowly the eye stops working in an effective way. This eye condition, if not treated early in childhood, can become permanent. So opt for a regular eye checkup with the best eye dr in Mumbai or anywhere you stay for early detection and cure of your child’s squint eye.