If you are looking forward to getting an online yoga teacher who can help you stay fit through online yoga classes, it's time you get started with GetLiveCoach. 

GetLiveCoach is an online yoga training application that features one of the best online yoga classes. This platform features popular courses like yoga, meditation, cardio, music, and dance. 

It focuses entirely on user experience while paying keen attention to all its users' confidentiality and privacy. Using GetLiveCoach is pretty easy, and all it does is help you focus on learning things in the right way!

Online Yoga Classes

Given the nature of work, most of us find it difficult to attend physical yoga classes. To solve this issue, GetLiveCoach brings you an online yoga training program. It helps you unlock your potential and get the chance to develop your skills and stay fit being at home. 

Coaches on GetLiveCoach have a global reach that maximizes your opportunity to learn.

This online mode of teaching yoga is very flexible, and all you need are a few basics. To set up the yoga ambiance, you can follow the below steps:

  • A quiet place for practicing yoga. The place should be quiet and free from noise and distractions, as these can potentially ruin your online yoga-practicing sessions.
  • You need to pay attention to video coverage and set up your camera accordingly. Place your camera so that your coach can see your posture and correct you whenever you go wrong. You can consider using an external camera for such purposes, if possible. 
  • And again, ensure you have proper lighting in the room 

Online Yoga Trainers India

Yoga is not something that a newbie can do on their own, and they need proper guidance. And if you are looking for a trainer to help you learn yoga, you should sign up with GetLiveCoach. 

It is a community that has thousands of professional trainers from India who can help you with strength training, meditation, and even yoga. 

Learn 1 on 1

Several online yoga coaching programs are available, but few programs provide personal training or 1-on-1 yoga coaching

Practicing yoga online can be pretty effective if you apply for 1 on 1 yoga classes. It helps in learning better and keeps you in check. 

Learning 1 on 1 increases the chances of learning yoga the way it is meant to learn. 

Personal Coaching

Another striking feature of this platform is that it lets all its students choose their personal coach or trainer. Being a student, you will be allowed to choose your personal yoga coach or instructor from anywhere across the world and make the best out of your yoga classes. 

When it comes to yoga, proper instructions are a must! And without proper instructions, there is always a risk of getting hurt. 

And of course, this plan is accessed over a subscription model. 


Overall, the GetLiveCoach is a trusted platform that helps their users stay fit and maintain their fitness across the world. It features the best coaches who can uplift your yoga learning experience and motivate you to work on your goal.