Teller cash recyclers automatically count, save, and validate notes for deposit and withdrawal operations, allowing tellers to complete cash transactions rapidly. By reducing the time tellers spend on each transaction, they can provide better customer service. They have been around for years and have established themselves as an important part of many enterprises.

One of the initial efficiency gains from a recycler is in cash counting time when it gets chosen properly. Instead of a teller counting cash three times before handing it over to a customer or a vault transaction, the recycler counts and validates the currency as it gets dispensed or accepted. Here are some reasons you should have a teller cash recycler at your branch.

It offers more security.

TCRs provide 24-hour vaults, ensuring that cash is always secure and does not need to get transported from the vault nightly. This increases security while reducing labor time and exposure while transporting currency to the vault. Human interactions provide the greatest threat to financial flow. Criminals target cash at the point of delivery - the armored carrier and the teller.

By keeping the majority of cash out of sight and integrating with alarm systems, currency recyclers help to prevent access to branch funds. The machines can also issue a predetermined amount of cash in response to a specific instruction. Thus, allowing them to satisfy a robbery demand without disclosing the cash inventory quickly.

Reduces frauds rate

All currency deposited in the cash recycler machine gets subjected to a bill identification screening process. This verifies the note's denomination and authenticity. If any currency gets found to be counterfeit or unreadable, it gets discarded and not counted toward the deposit. Only actual, completely screened notes get accepted in the machine's recycling bins.

Transactions in the Vault

Using TCRs, you can usually reduce your vault transactions to 0-2 per day, compared to 5-20 per day in a manual system, depending on branch volume. Cash recycler machines allow your finest teller to serve clients instead of other tellers. Yet, they also allow any other teller to buy or sell to the TCR in a single transaction.

This is especially true in branches with fewer employees, where lunches can make dual control harder to maintain. Besides, because the TCR serves as a secondary control, many financial institutions can open with fewer employees. As a result, there's a better handle on lunchtime rotations without having to enlist the help of a branch manager.

Faster transactions

The key target benefit that many executives and operations leaders gravitate towards is transaction speed and efficiency in TCRs. This is a significant advantage of teller cash recyclers. It significantly reduces transaction times, particularly for medium to large deposits or withdrawals.

Cash recyclers automate the cash cycle within a branch by receiving, counting, storing, and dispensing a range of denominations fast and precisely. Employees can use the recycler to correctly tally monies entering and exiting the machine and produce a confirmed total. These procedures cut the need for vault transactions. They also reduce tellers' time counting incoming and leaving currency for account holders.

TCRs assist them in completing some of the most common banking transactions as quickly as possible. And these are some of the reasons to have them.