If you do not feel comfortable with Qualtrics I know but my experience let's me think it's fine. So let's say I answered RuneScape 2007 Gold this poll 100% honestly, who would you envision gets that info? After GDPR I've felt pressured with every single site ever to track and track me it's disgusting, and even disgusting that it was all happening before without my understanding. Taking a look at the survey link and the basic disclosures in the bottom of the webpage it doesn't appear the Jagex is using a third party fielding firm so in that case the only men and women who would have direct access to your information are the survey programmers who can pull exports out of the database to disperse internally. EU also has some fairly strong data privacy legislation that (at least my US based firm which often interacts with Qualtrics connections ) are followed fairly strictly by the survey developers and data hosting websites.

After running through the survey Jagex definitely is apparently running solo on this one. No third party firm would let participants directly enter in their own contact information (because it would mean they would lose your business for their client [so not a nefarious thing]) and also the only area I found rather strange was that the telephone number request in the conclusion. I would have substituted that with a check box for recontacting and pipe-in the email you could optionally have set in sooner for affirmation. I think you're fine answering this survey if you have privacy concerns because essentially all information is anonymous and it's using an industry-standard platform of Buy RS 2007 Gold Qualtrics. Jagex likely does not have market research ISO certificates but this is a quick annual survey in order that they would not have to have any.