Bangalore was known as the city of Garden long before global trade transformed it into the Silicon Valley of India. It is now a healthy city, full of life, modernization. So keep reading this blog for the best honeymoon packages from Bangalore.

It still has gardens and monuments, but it also offers all the new and exciting things that can be brought to the cities, such as another place in India. These honeymoon destinations near Bangalore are definitely the way to go! Here are some places for your Honeymoon packages from Bangalore to make you love more in love.

Areas within 100 kilometers - places of immediate escape for some time together

Kanakapura Nature Camp

This nature camp is about 55 miles from Bangalore and attracts a lot of adventure trash, so head there if you are one. It is located in the Banantimari State Forest near the beautiful lake Hosadoddi.

Activities: Camping in the desert, hiking in the hills of Banathimari, boating, boating, repeating on a nearby lake

Best time to visit: The camp is open all year but the best time to visit is post-monsoon

Nandi Hills

Nandi hill is a beautiful ancient castle in the Chikkabalapur region that can capture the heart of any nature lover, making it one of their favorite honeymoon destinations near Bangalore. Driving on the hills, about 68 miles from Bangalore, to see the beautiful sunrise and the amazing nature around the hills is a must for any traveler. Activities you can enjoy here include paragliding and cycling in the area

Places to visit: Amrit Sarovar, Tipu Sultan castle, Tipu drop, Yoga Nandeswara temple.

Best time to visit: March-May, June-August, and September


Kolar, the ancient capital of the Ganga Kingdom, is located 45 kilometers from Bangalore and makes it easy to escape the romance. Kolar boasts monuments and temples that are proud of the past, such as the Someshwara temple with its stucco statues of SaptaMatrikas.

Places to visit: Kolaramma Temple, Someshwara temple, Makbabra tombs of Haider Ali relatives

Things to do: Walking on the hills overlooking the Kolar, and buying a world-famous blanket (twice)

Beemeshwari Forest

Bheemeshawari Forests is one of the honeymoon destinations near Bangalore, located just 100 kilometers from it, and is an ideal place for couples who wish to spend time together to reconnect with nature and each other. The Kaveri River flows through the forest. Only part of the district is open to visitors, who need prior permission to do so.

Things to do: Recreational sports, such as kayaking, rowing, and rafting. There are also fishing grounds and camping along the river.

Best time to visit: August-February

Getting there: The nearest train station is in Bangalore, and buses usually arrive at their destination.

Areas within 300 miles: Hold for a few days

Majestic Mysore

Mysore, located about 85 miles [140 km] from Bangalore, has always been famous for its palaces, royal heritage, historical significance (never heard of the legend of Tipu Sultan), silk saris and sandalwood. If you are in Mysore you will be spoiled for choice, places you can visit.

Places to visit: Mysore Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Chamundi hills market in Devaraja, temples and art museums.

Best time to visit: Travel can be scheduled throughout the year. So a good choice of honeymoon locations near Bangalore.


Shravanabelagola is a Jain fortress, located just 142 km from Bangalore, proud of Asia's tallest monolithic monument. Mounted on the hills of Vindhyagiri, stands a 52-foot-tall Bahubali statue overlooking a vast expanse of picturesque land beneath it.

What to do: Visit the Jain basadis around the hills of Vindhyagiri, take the metal monuments, try to see for yourself the Mastakabhisheka event that took place here in twelve years, and take a trip to the shrine of the golden triangle from Belur to Halebeedu to Shravanabelagola.

Best time to visit: All year round


Halebeedu, a town in the Hassan district, was the capital of the Hoysala State region 214 kilometers from Bangalore. Today, the Hoysaleshwara Temple, while the only survivor of all the beauties of its existence, is still looted from successive invaders. The site is also part of a sacred triangle route from Belur to Halebeedu to Shravanabelagola.

Places to visit: Check out the museum inside the Hoysaleshwara Temple buildings. The temple of Sri Ranganatha has a statue of Vishnu sitting on a snake. Anantha has some interesting recordings. The Veeranarayana Temple in Belawadi (10km northwest of Halebeedu) has the most famous deities living there, over 152 different pillars and is still intact.

Best time to visit: October-March


Kabini is one of the most popular wildlife destinations in Karnataka; it delights the hearts of the traveler with its lush greenery, beautiful lake, and vast herds of elephants. Kabini is a popular destination for wildlife lovers and photographers due to its wildlife visibility.

Here one can simply relax, take a natural walk, watch a bird or go out for unusual plants and animals. Kabini is located 216 kilometers from Bangalore.

Areas to visit: Kabini Dam, Kabini river lodge, Nagarhole National Park.

Best time to visit: November to January to see wildlife and July to October for greenery.