Today is the time when virtualization becomes a new paradigm of the modern computing world.
Once you have your VMware virtual infrastructure in place, the issue of your data protection would hardly leave the scene with VM backup as its primary element. What are the challenges and choices? There are a lot of things to consider and too little space in this post to discuss them, but our general advice for you is to follow VMware backup best practices to build your own data protection system.

To back up the virtual machine:

  1. Ensure your virtual machine is in a powered-off state.
  2. Locate the virtual machine folder. ...
  3. Right-click the virtual machine folder and click Copy.
  4. Navigate to the folder in which you want to store the backup, right-click anywhere within the folder, and click Paste.

Data backup means creating a copy of files and folders on an additional storage medium using a specific service or tool. A backup is made to restore data if the information is damaged or destroyed in the primary storage location. Creating a backup is especially important if you have your own website served by a hosting provider – in this case, pay attention to the Nakivo vsphere backup solution. Backup acts as a kind of lifeline in case of loss of vital data.