The pandemic permanently changed people's lives around the globe. Adults faced difficulties that they know how to cope with, but children had to find ways to cope with issues like finding motivation while taking online classes. On that note, this post will share a few simple tips that parents can implement to help their child soar through online class sessions with ease.

Whether your child studies in an international school, or any other renowned private institution, it is the new norm for students to attend online classes.

Although everyone was familiar with the term 'online classes', no one even had the faintest idea that this would become the new normal. This is why children worldwide are having a hard time focussing on virtual classes let alone find the motivation to ask questions. This scenario is common in India as well.

So what can an Indian parent do to help their child feel motivated during online classes? Well, they can implement the tips mentioned below –

Encourage break times

Children need to move about in a bid to calm their minds, feel alive, and find motivation. Now, since children are confined within their home, they might feel bored or even sleepy. This could hamper their focus levels during online classes.

Encourage them to move

Parents should encourage their children to go for a walk or get out on the terrace and catch some fresh air. In this way, children will be able to recharge their mental batteries and prepare for the ensuing online classes. A break is a great way to help a child feel refreshed.

A parent can always help their child to be ready for an online class

Similarly, a child might also need help from their parents for simple things like turning on the laptop, plugging in its charger, sharpening pencils, and preparing the room for an online class session.

Help children stay organised

Adults have worked out ways to stay organised in the morning when they are getting ready to head for the office.  You need to encourage children to do the same. Have specified places for books, notes and projects. Children will not get distracted or tensed when they need something.

These might seem trivial but one should keep in mind that children are already under a lot of stress. They are unable to head out or meet their friends. Hence, small gestures like those mentioned above would help them find motivation even in the worst days.

A parent should encourage their child to plan ahead

A parent should ask their child to have a word with their international school teacher to be aware of the online learning day they have ahead of them. In this way, a child would not need to feel stressed as they already know how long each online session will be and how much they would need to process to learn their lessons. This will help the children have a semblance of control over their day ahead, and they will also find ways to focus on the online lessons.

The new year has brought with it new hopes, and if all goes well, one can expect that the pandemic will subside or at least allow everyone to go back to their normal routines. In the meantime, parents can follow the tips mentioned above so that children can carry out their studies without suffering any setbacks.