A heart transplant is a surgical procedure where an unhealthy and failing heart is replaced with a healthy one. A healthy heart is obtained either from a cadaver or a live donor who is a match.

In India, 70%-80% of patients having heart transplant surgery have satisfactory outcomes. This surgery is recommended mainly when other heart treatment fails. A heart transplant is recommended when someone experiences:

  1. weakening of heart muscles (Cardiomyopathy)
  2. Congenital heart disease
  3. Coronary Artery disease
  4. Ventricular Arrhythmias or an abnormal heart rhythm
  5. Failure of a previously done heart transplant

Children are affected mainly by congenital heart defects or Cardiomyopathy.

Heart Transplant Cost in India

The approximate cost of heart transplant surgery in India is INR Rs.10,00000. It begins at INR 6,65,000 and can reach up to INR 16,50,000.

Numerous factors affect the hospitalization cost for heart transplants; they include:

  • Organ recovery and transportation charges
  • Hospital infrastructure and the types of technology to be used
  • Admission fees for the hospital
  • Fees of the surgeons depending on their expertise, and the fees of the team members
  • Fees of the other healthcare team members like physiotherapists, special nurses, and anesthesiologists
  • The cost of lab tests

Apart from the charges, factors like age, medical condition of the patient, and the donor also impact the cost of surgery. Furthermore, an extended stay in the hospital, the type of room opted for, and the medication cost should also be considered. Lastly, the recuperation process can also add to the cost.

Patients who do not stay near the hospital or have traveled a long way for the transplantation surgery are required to add up the cost of staying in a rented place with the total cost.


When all these factors are considered, the cost of Heart transplant surgery in India can go up. So it is recommended to register for an insurance policy that can cover all or at least most of the expenses.