Are there any other tools to aid in Roleplaying? (An option to find the bios of other players.) Are there some issues with these worlds? Or an I simply receive a detailed explanation about these? This would save me time in the RS gold event lets say a significant glitch exists. I really don't know what's hard to understand. Basically I'm curious about how good the RP element has been employed the RP worlds.

I also wish to know how others behave in the RP world, if they really act as though they should or do they discount the RP tag and treat it as any other planet. The reason for this is that I'm too cheap to purchase associates and try it out for myself after I finish every F2P quest. And I am too impatient too wait to learn more.

My range is 78, also I'd like 80. Are there better ways to acquire range xp which aren't slayer, yaks, experiments, stone crabs, or avansies? I have been told that killing black demons are great xp, but do not drop much value in the way of money. I have also been told there is a safespot for them. Where can it be? (A pic would be fine, if you can) I'd love to receive my assault and power to 75 from 70. Not slayer, yaks, experiments, or even rock crabs though. Should I switch any of the around? I don't have a lot of money however. (Like, I cannot buy dharoks, for example) I can get to armored zombies. They are the ideal range monster to the combination of xp+money. If you are really so much against them, blue baby dragons would be the very best. At least for me. For the second query, the trolls on passing pleatau or , baby blue drags. If you don't care about money, then the gorillas you experience during the Monkey Madness quest. There's an altar right alongside them, which means that you can endlessly melee protect.

Im saving up to purchase some kind of god armour such as the titles in the subject. Which is the best one to buy? And what is the best method to save up to buy it. They are all the same, asiding trim colours, and emblem on the platebody. If it had been me, I would go with Guthix armor, my reasons are twofold: First; It's more affordable, Second; I like guthix the ideal. However, it's a question of personal opinion. The"rares" price growth from yesterday along with the SHARP cost knobs for rares today are the result of the numerous. Gamers that got banned for insect abusing last sunday, am I right? If that is true I need these rares to return to their original costs! Or maybe just a little lower and STAY there!

These are my best quotes, I am not held accountable for any transactions or investments which will or may result in harm by using these calculations. I know santa was recently bought out with some clans but not that many people can manage and not that many people would sell, since it was quite low at 11-12M this week, well attempting to retailer rares on a mass scale isnt smart, isnt fast, isnt efficent, unless if ur a multi-millionaire with cheap RuneScape gold over 100M, then masks are like noobs for you. Seeing that white and blue are the most costly, perhaps people just dont have the money to invest in them. There's no forecast for phats, plus they exchange SO slow they dont even get exchanged so... Plenty of gains made today, hopefully same thing happens tomorrow!!! Therefore I can get rich off my 1 uncommon (not phat) lol.