I said it's an argument that was weak because it's easily avoidable. It is possible to create new characters on WOW TBC Classic Gold Horde if the server population grows to 55/45 Horde preferred. This eliminates the possibility of the server becoming wildly unstable.

The current approach is a blunder on the entire premise of the game of two factions that has been the foundation of Warcraft since its inception. An alternative is to offer free faction change (mindful you can restrict it to one account per person), so that people can swap their entire characters.

Although it sounds simple to prevent new characters to be built using Horde, the implications and backdraft could be huge when you consider arguments like "I would like to play with my buddies" or "I want horde because I love orcs."
Additionally, you'd have to limit the creation of horde characters to all servers in the pool. This is not practical or even practical.

People had the chance to swap short queue times for quite a long period of time. It wasn't. Since they didn't utilize servers that allow free transfers. This doesn't surprise me, as the majority of people will choose their side over their friends or family. It's not easy to change this.

It is not a good argument to buy WOW TBC Gold have balanced servers or a bg pool. In addition that it is possible to change factions means that players can now play with their friends as alliances, not playing as a horde.