Have you ever found yourself wondering why is it that Western medicine tends to focus on diagnosing and treating a disease or illness based on a patient's symptoms? Whereas Eastern medicine considers both patient's symptoms and an individualized diagnosis of a patient's Qi (or chi).

If you are looking for a place that embraces both modalities you have come to the right place for all of your medical needs.

The Advance Medicine Exchange philosophy is based on the premise that all disease begins with the 7 Toxicities, all of which increase oxidative stress and result in pathology (or disease).

The key to this philosophy is that if you can “effectively” (effectively being the key operative word) detoxify the body by reducing or eliminating all 7 of these toxicities, chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, etc, by definition can NOT exist.

What is Advanced Medicine?

Merriam – Webster’s dictionary defines the word “Advanced” as the following:

  • Being beyond others in progress or ideas
  • Being beyond the elementary or introductory
  • Greatly developed beyond an initial stage
  • Much evolved from an early ancestral type

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