I work with the people and for the people. I am a micropreneur! What is the work that I do? I bring quality products to people in a digital marketplace. So how is this different from the online giants or any other online business? Glad you asked. You see, me and 1000 others are part of a sharing economy, an online echo system that trades value. We provide quality products and allow you the opportunity to shop in an online market protected by the blockchain. All my customers can shop while protecting their identity. In a world where the human identity has become a commodity, used without our consent for the few to prosper, this is truly revolutionary! We micropreneurs in the Advanced Medicine Exchange want to bring you and your family valuable products that will protect your health and wellness, while at the same time protecting your identity. In this sharing economy, we all win. I am able to bring you some of the best that health and wellness has to offer and my customers are able to have an online shopping experience in which their privacy is protected from start to finish. It is hard to believe that valuing customers and the idea that everyone benefits and no one is taken advantage of in the exchange of goods and services could be revolutionary, but it is. I invite you to join me, to join the blockchain, to never again be forced to trade your identity for the privilege of making a purchase. Are you ready to join the revolution?