If you are entering into web development, a Content Management System is the foundation of your digital experience. A CMS offers powerful content creation tools, flexibility, and efficient workflows to boost content for a better customer journey. Millions of website owners prefer to choose Drupal as a CMS platform while delivering focused digital experiences.  

So, if you are looking to transform your organization’s approach, you need to focus on the right CMS platform. It will allow you to meet the demands of your target audience irrespective of your business size and scale. Drupal website development is one of the CMS platforms that have many advantages that help in the overall growth of any company. 


Top  7 Key Benefits of Drupal Website Development 

There are many content management systems used by website developers. Drupal is one of the platforms that is broadly used by most website development companies. Developers find immense advantages in using the platform for their website development tasks. The following are some of the crucial benefits of Drupal that you can consider if you are in the website development field.  

1. Exceptional Drupal API Support- Nowadays, developers use different social networking sites. Web developers build websites in which they can incorporate various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These platforms provide extensive API support for Drupal. Drupal developers can create their own customizable modules through a well-documented API.  

2. Robust and Convenient- Drupal developers need to ensure that the source code is designed and written for developing Drupal websites. If you are dealing with more complex work, you need to find an easier way to modify the system. It provides customers with a great opportunity over other CMSs.  

3. SEO-friendly Content- Drupal website development works at its best when it comes to dealing with SEO. If you are opting for high rankings and achieving significant numbers of traffic, Drupal modules help a lot. Some developers focus on generating SEO-friendly URLs, whereas others offer a content checklist.  

4. Flexibility- One of the intriguing features of Drupal is the ability to manage and create a wide range of content types. These types are not always limited to blogs, videos, podcasts, and statistics. Furthermore, this feature of Drupal assists in creating a flexible design platform for creating content-rich websites. Thus, it helps in the growth of these websites for different markets like media.  

5. Scalability- Another major advantage of Drupal is its scalability. As a result of this, one developer can create a large number of web pages, without changing their basic design. Another feature of Drupal helps in alternating periods of high traffic spikes and constant traffic.  

6. Community- Drupal is an open-source content management system. Apart from being a license choice, open source is a mindset. And a way of thinking about technology that promotes the free interchange of ideas and innovation. The open-source community provides comprehensive public documentation, well-developed discussion boards, chat rooms, and mailing lists. Additionally, it welcomes online culture to the system. 

7. Security- Last but not least, Drupal provides unwavering security. "There have been no widely exploited vulnerabilities in Drupal core for which there was no patch or upgrade available at the time of public disclosure," according to the annual Drupal security report from 2015. An exploit is a common XML-RPC code library used in early versions of Drupal, which was the closest known example. All merchants who used the library were in danger, but no widespread attack was suspected." In brief, the CMS is extremely secure, with frequent patches and exploit protection, making it ideal for enterprise clients. 

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The Final Thought 

Drupal website development adds value to individual businesses. It empowers platforms all around the world, thanks to its powerful core and open-source ecosystem. Drupal is capable of handling the requirements of every business. Code Enigma is the company that can assist you in making the transition. Drupal is the sole option for your website due to a variety of advantages. 

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